Dr. Bram Verhees (1977) is a photographer, teacher, researcher and social entrepreneur with a lifelong fascination for the visual arts.

After graduating cum laude from Eindhoven University of Technology, he completed his PhD dissertation on the use of images as sources for socio-technical research. Subsequently, as assistant professor, he taught courses such as image analysis and visual research methodology.

After a career switch, he studied contemplative photography with internationally renowned Miksang teacher Hèlen Vink, making Bram one of only three certified contemplative photography instructors in The Netherlands.

Combining this with his training in both systems therapy and mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT), Bram developed a form of therapeutic photography that he refers to as visual awareness training. He uses this method as a therapist at a private occupational burn-out recovery clinic in Spain. In addition to this, he teaches contemplative as well as conventional photography classes to all ages and skill levels via institutions such as:

Bram is also a board member of fine art photography collective Goeikes and co-organisor of their bi-annual photo festival. In addition to being an avid practitioner of contemplative & mindful photography, he produces highly conceptual autonomous work that is often centered around themes such as grief and transience.

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      Photo credits (top to bottom)  Peter Verhees (1980) | Franca Wolter (2022) | Bram Verhees (2020)